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Re: What causes DEATH WOBBLE ??????

I had the same death wobble on a right hand curve. I investigated and found that the drivers wheel is held on by a bracket at the end of the whole axle assembly. I can't remember what its called, but it has 4 large bolts holding it to the cross member, and 1 large bolt holding the axle to it, allowing the axle to float up and down. This bracket is prone to cracks on the two bolts facing downward, not the other two facing horizontal. These cracks allow a small amount of play back and forth which lets the two horizontal bolts work loose. Once loose the arm, under load (turning right), will violently move back and forth causing the wobble. Jack it up and try to move the wheel and it won't move because you can't apply enough load to move it. Look at the bracket and see if any cracks are visible, but also see if the bolts are loose at all. If one is loose, then this is your problem. If one is loose it is cracked even though you can't see it. You can also see if the horizontal bolts have moved by looking for little clean areas around the bolt washers where they moved and rubbed off the dirt, a sure sign of movement. My bracket was really cracked around the bolts, and I replaced it from a wrecker for about 30 dollars canadian. Never had the problem since, and I even took it back to the spot and hammered around the bend to make sure. All good now, and hope this helps you.

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