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That's a good point. The hotter the oil the better to drain through the valve. Maybe there's some extra benefit to that in that more oil will come out? And as to the vandalism or accidental opening, I guess that's a possibility. It only takes once to be seriously unhappy but folks seem to be pretty satisfied with them. I'm thinking I would notice if there were 13 quarts of oil on the garage floor or parking lot. At least I hope I would. That truck is high off the ground and there's plenty of daylight underneath. I did get an interesting comment on the video though. One guy pointed out that there's no magnet on the valve. So I put a neodynium magnet below the drain valley of the oil pan. That magnet is much, much stronger than the little drain plug magnet and should hold any ferrous metals easily. All I have to do is take it off before I open the valve. Should work just fine.

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