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Well, i'm screwed.

Took the truck to the dealer and they drained some fuel and sent a picture and info right to Ford. Ford says to remove and flush EVERYTHING that touches the fuel and replace a whole bunch of stuff, injectors included. The really awesome part (sarcastic) is that it's NOT covered under warranty since I have gotten fuel since I took delivery of the truck. I had a long discussion with the service adviser and a Ford tech. Here is what it boils down to:

Never get fuel at anything other than a "Name Brand" station. Costco,Fred Meyer, Arco all crap. Service Technician words not mine. I told him how I took a sample of fuel at Costco and it was beautiful. He of course came back with "You got a bad batch". I told him that no where in the owners manual does it say which stations to avoid.

Anyway, I siphoned more fuel from a new tank to continue to dilute what is in the tank and I am going to run it until "E". Then a fresh tank with some Diesel water remover and Stanadyne. I will empty the fuel water separator every 50 miles until no more water is found.

By the way, the repair by Ford would be around 12-13 GRAND. They did it recently for someone who put gas in their tank. It was covered under their insurance (comprehensive). I am pretty sure my coverage would take care of it but not positive.

The service adviser recommended I just get as much of the bad fuel out and run it down and put fresh fuel in it and just keep doing that. I have noticed nothing form the truck with regard to run-ability.

So the million dollar question is: Do I report this to my insurance and let them tear the truck down or do I keep on keeping on and change filters once I can get this to clear up? If I get a mechanical break down later, my insurance should cover it since I also have the breakdown insurance.

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