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Giving it until the end of the Holiday weekend

Originally Posted by ArcticDriver View Post
If the water/fuel seperator was doing its job then the components downstream should not have been exposed to enough water to cause damage.

As suggested above, dropping the tank one time and just being done with it might offer greater peace of mind.

One question I would have for Ford is whether your future warranty is now in jeopardy since they have a record of this tied to the VIN. If that is the case then you have suffered a real financial loss and might want to check with your insurance company since the resale value of the truck is diminished.

Could this be covered under Comprehensive?
I agree. I am going to put small amounts of fuel in the tank for now. I ran it to almost empty and put 3 gallons in. I'll do that a couple times and continue to empty the fuel water separator after each drive. If the fuel doesn't clear up after just a couple of these drives, then I will contact my insurance and let them talk to Ford.

I wonder what fuel looks like if someone adds DEF to the fuel. An experiment is in order with some of the fuel I pull out. The only people who have put DEF in the truck would have been Ford.

What I don't get is the real cloudiness of the fuel. You can't even see thru an 8 oz glass of the stuff. Ford won't admit to biomass in the tank because of the water. BTW Costco fuel is listed as Top Tier if you are curious.

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