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It evidently depends. When I was pretty much a kid, I worked in a Ford shop and that dealership was as honest and fair as could be. Later when I worked in a heavy truck shop every once in a while we'd get a van and send it out to the local Ford shop when we were real busy. One time with a van, our mechanic upon inspection said it needed front brakes but the rear were like new. Our foreman sent it out for "repair brakes as required". When we got it back we were charged for a full brake job. When our foreman phoned the dealer saying we knew the rear brakes were perfect it was suddenly a "mistake in paperwork". When I bought my '91 new it had a rear axle seal leak. I had replaced the rear seal but when I mentioned to a friend the oil soaked rt. linings had to be replaced too he reminded me it came under the extended warranty. I took it to the same Ford dealership mentioned above, after I picked it up and signed the work order I saw that they screwed FoMoCo out of 2 axle seals, new lining, BOTH sides plus the phony labor. All they actually did was replace the lining, right side only.
The only reason the one seal leaked prematurely was because there was a dried drip of black paint right where the seal rides when the factory painted the axle housing.

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