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I had no idea of who you are or aren't - really doesn't matter to me. Lots of new owners have said the same thing - ie bullet-proofed w/ EGR delete. Just saying that those phrases don't communicate anything useful. The term bulletproofed has been so over-used it really has no meaning anymore. The quality or the parts and the work is what is important.

Ford oil coolers or oil coolers from BulletProofDiesel are about the only ones worth anything. Some vendors say they have OEM oil coolers, but have a terrible record for early failure (Sinister being one of the more common ones IMO).

EGR deletes sometimes are just a freeze plug welded into one end of the EGR cooler. This rarely stays put for any significant length of time and still allows for exhaust gas int the coolant if the cooler ruptures. Two plugs are required, but you need stainless plugs welded in rather than freeze plugs. Some EGR cooler deletes do not allow for adequate support of the up-pipe, some do.

As far as injectors go, the best bet is to get Ford (OEM) remanned injectors. I have heard that Alliant is selling new injectors now (finally) manufactured by PurePower. They haven't been providing long enough to have an established track record yet (IMO anyway). They might be good. Most other injector suppliers have a worse record for reliability. Some have good customer service though and will give you another injector if one of theirs goes bad. That helps, but it is still a pain.

The Ford (OEM) HPOP's on these early model 6.0L's have a terrible track record. Some of the aftermarket ones are great (Adrenaline being one) and some are not so great.

I would think that the 6.0L is more of a 400k or maybe 500k max engine. Getting over that without rebuilding the entire top end would surprise me.

When you buy sensors (ICP sensor or IPR valve, etc., you need to stick w/ OEM.

If you buy it, get to know how to use the scangauge. It can be VERY helpful!

I really like the 6.0L engine, but there are weak points and if they are properly resolved, you can do well. Steep learning curve though, so sorry if I came across poorly in my first response.

I wish you luck w/ your future purchase.

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