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Have to disagree w/ the above. At 100k miles AND ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES, I dropped quite a bit of cash into upgrades and power adding mods. Totally "discretionary" spending.

Am at 200k now and STILL running great.

Best truck I have ever owned.

Also, when I said some engines are lemons, I was referring to the occasional engine turned out from the factory vs ALL 6.0L's.

Like mt454casull said - put the wrong parts in and you will not be happy. Also, there are things that are required when doing maintenance and when operating. We have talked about some of the maintenance and upgrades, but you do need to also keep an eye on the engine operating parameters.

If you let a stuck turbo go for a long time, put in an undersized ccv filter, don't pay attention to fuel pressure (must check at WOT and stay above 50 psig always), use the wrong coolant, use the wrong filters, operate w/ bad sensors, throw in a tune on top of other problems, etc, you will make problems worse - sometimes a LOT worse..

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