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Help! Looks like coolant in engine oil.

I'vebeen going through coolant faster than I can find where it is going to until today when I went to check the oil level there was gooey stuff splattered up about 10" up the dipstick. Its hard to tell what color it is )sort of tannish my wife says) but it seems to looks coolant-ishy to me. Anyway, there is no coolant in the degas tank despite filling it up less than 250 miles ago. I think its been leaking into the oil for some time but only recently getting worse.

Also it has seemed to me that when I take off the cap to the degas tank lately that it is under a lot of pressure. There will be no visible coolant in the degas bottle but when I remove the cap it will fill up about almost halfway up in the degas tank. If I add coolant to the fill line and then drive the truck the degas tank will overflow as it seems to pressure up so much while running.

I took the air inlet hose off of the motor yesterday to check turbo shaft play and I noticed that the little inlet tube part that connects to the CCV doghouse was almost clogged with the same sort of gooey oily mess that I found on the dipstick today. I cleaned that off with tips and rags. It was almost as if it was a light grease when you looked with it.

So, my question is how do I find out how its getting into the oil and if indeed that is what's happening? Is this from cracked injector cups? I'm sort of out in the middle of nowhere here in Mexico and have to do all of the repairs myself so I need practical down to earth ideas I do have a trip planned up to the States next week so i can get what I need then but I need to cover all my bases since a second trip up isn't an easy option.


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