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I plan to run the MAF, MAP, MGP, VGT test procedure to determine cause of the P132B code once I get the truck to start, but at the moment, getting it to start is the issue. Or the 1st issue anyway. I ran the Injector Buzz Test 2x and both were successful in a hope to verify if I had an actual Injector issue or not. I'm assuming if I had a shorted Injector, I'd get a code after running the Buzz test, or a Failure result in AE. I also ran the KOEO test 3x and all 3 were successful; was hoping to get more evidence of a bad PCM... I checked the PCM fuse and relay, swapped both with known good, and no improvement. The FICM voltages all look acceptable, and it's a Swamp's Diesel 58 V FICM, not the original. I will test the pigtail repair today by probing the corresponding pins at the PCM harness and putting 12 volts at the pigtail pins to make sure I have a good pigtail circuit/repair. I will also probe the PCM connector to make sure I have 12 Volts from the batts. If nothing comes from that, I'll pull the #1 Injector connector and see if I get Cam/Crank Synch, FICM Synch and it fires to determine if the #1 is indeed the cause. Of course none of this is going to happen until it stops snowing here, which is has been doing all night...

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