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Originally Posted by ArcticDriver View Post
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At the risk of starting an oil war let me start by writing that I recognize that oil selection loyalty is common and feelings run strong. Here is the reality, it is much more about branding than about the actual oil itself. For instance Refiners like Shell and Chevron make great oils, but they, or others with license, often package that same oil in other brandings. Regardless of branding the oil is made to an API specification and it will have an API spec on the container. I use Rotella T, now T4 because it's good oil and available almost anywhere. Rated API Spec out to the latest spec which includes all the previous specs. So, just get an oil that meets or exceeds the API spec recommendation for your engine. Just look right there on the container for it. Regardless of where you buy it if it meets the API spec you are good to go and chances are it actually originated from the same refiner.
I did not realize my Delvac was made by the same refiner as my Shell Rotella and Chevron DELO but even if it were, you omitted the fact that quality oil is largely dependent on base stocks and additive package.

A blind VOA will typically be unique enough for a tribologist to identify the brand & type.

I am not saying one is necessarily superior to another and I am not defending any particular brand loyalty, but they are not all the same with only a different color container.
Members on my other posts have commented on oil preference as well - I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and my intention is not to stir the pot, but with so many options it makes a decision difficult especially for someone like me that has never had an allegiance to one brand or another (though I normally buy name brands and USA made when and where possible)

I did send off for a kit from Blackstone— so that no matter what brand I do choose I can get feedback that it is doing what it’s supposed to. I’m leaning towards Rotella or Mobil- I think 🤔

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