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Originally Posted by klhansen View Post
I would suspect a defective replacement injector before a base engine issue, such as valve train.

The IDM failure code is probably a fluke. I've had that come up a few times, but have never had an IDM problem.

You could swap the #2 injector to another cylinder and see if the contribution fault follows it. If you put rebuilt injectors in, I would definitely suspect them.

Your injector provider is incorrect. Unless the '99 went in for the "cackle fix" and someone changed the #8 injector, it would have 8 AD injectors. The change to the AE in #8 required a PCM flash as well, and if not done would affect how it runs.
klhansen, to be clear, I put in all AD reman'd injectors and it still runs rough. I will try putting one of the old AD's in the number 2 cylinder and see what result I get back. However, when I do a buzz test with all AD's, they all buzz.

is there a way to bench test the injectors on the truck? off the truck? I worry that I'll swap a bad injector with another bad injector.
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