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Originally Posted by oldrebuiltdodge View Post
Just expansion and compression of a gas, and the method of controlling it. It works the same way in any a/c unit, it's all just controlled, and used differently. Even compressed air will react the way refrigerant will, but not to that extent, unless it is compressed enough to turn to a liquid. The various refrigerants are used because of their low liquify pressures, and they aren't flammable.

Actually air is used in some cases as a refrigerant as is CO2, known as supercritical refrigerant cycle, then we have R290 (propane) that beats the crap out of R22 in over all cycle efficiency, R-600a (Iso butane) used in allot of fridges now days. Older but still the best is R-717 (Ammonia) toxic and flammable but the best for mass cooling.

Water is used as a refrigerant too for massive cooling systems above 6c in absorption mode or centrifugal systems


Redtech and such over the counter refrigerants are Alkane based (Hydrocarbon gasses)

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