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Questions about towing... OverDrive, Gauges, MPG's, possible upgrades?

The wife and I finally towed our first toy hauler to southern california (Glamis) this week. Our 1996 SC 4x4 7.3 is almost all stock with an auto trans, other than a bigger down tube and my newly installed donaldson intake kit. It does have 215k miles on it and I have 4:10 gears so when I am towing at 2000 RPM's we are traveling around 63 MPH.

I installed some ISSPRO EV2 gauges last week just before the trip so I could get a feel for how the truck was handling the trailer. I went with trans temp, pyro and boost. The gauges worked out great and I am really happy that I went with the ISSPRO. They look great and seemed to work perfectly. When I am not towing, I can get on the throttle and make 15psi boost pretty easily... which seems great to me. My boost is tapped right into my turbo spider pipe.

To preface some questions that I am going to ask, I towed between 60 to 65 MPH for the 240 mile trip. its a very gradual 1800' elevation change over those 240 miles. Towing the trailer I got about 9 mpg. I felt like that seemed a little low, so I am wondering If I am just driving the truck all wrong, or if that is to be expected?

When I start from a dead stop, I dont get into the throttle real hard at all... Maybe making around 5 psi boost for the gradual climb up to speed (60 - 65MPH). It will certainly boost more If I get into it, but I thought I was being kind to the motor, trans and MPG's by driving this way. Now I am starting to wonder if I want to give it some more throttle to utilize the boost more? Once I get up to speed, my boost gauge stays around 4 or 5 all day. My trans temp never got above 200 degrees, which I was thrilled about. I was kind of timid with the pyro gauge and never even let it get above 1250. I tried to keep it no higher than 1200 for stretches longer than a minute or so actually. My pyro is tapped right by the exhaust manifold coupler, near the oil filter. There were a few small hills where I had to slow up to about 50mph because I was trying to keep the egt's no higher than 1250... Do I just need to be okay with the egt's spiking a bit when pulling a grade like this? Or do I just need more power?

Since the truck and trailer are both new to us, I was thrilled to have made it with no issues on a long trip like this. But now I am getting greedy and I want to know if there is anything I can do to change my driving habits or small upgrades to the truck to help it tow better when pulling grades and maybe get better MPG's.

1996 f-250 XLT 4x4 7.3 - 215k miles - bone stock, for now...

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