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We dont frack in California. We don't drill in California. Our electric grid fails every summer. This state is full of the kool aid drinking crowd thing they will no longer need crude oil for anything. They are sadly mistaken. Electric cars and trucks are ok for around town but out on the open road they suck. Wonder how they think that solar panels are the answer. They reflect heat back into the air which will cause global warming. And there isn't enough land to put solar on to power the world. Windmills kill birds and people ***** about that.
The environmentalist are not telling us the truth about global warming. How can they tell us the earth is getting warmer? Where did they take the temperature from. The ocean is getting higher is because China built islands in the south china sea and Dubai built islands of it's coast. So if you dont want the ocean to rise stop building islands in it.
There are still some sane folks in Ca but not for long. This place sucks Bigly.
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