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Obviously, you haven't been to Kern County to see all of the new drilling and fracking going on there. Gov. Brown signed legislation to prohibit the construction of any new drilling platforms or pipelines off the coast, but there haven't been any new ones constructed since 1969; so that didn't change anything. They can still drill new wells off the 32 existing offshore platforms, and use the existing pipelines.

Brown added 20 cent tax on diesel, and all of the stations raised the price of diesel at least 50 cents overnight; so the stations saw it as their opportunity for a big price increase and to blame it on someone else. All of the manufactured goods for the entire country come from China into Southern California ports, and they are transported by train or truck to the rest of the country; so it puts a big strain on our roads. We needed the money to repair the roads. They were in bad shape.

I agree with you on the need to keep our forests clear of dead trees. It is a big factor in the severity of forest fires. It's not all caused by global warming.

At least we allow you to get stoned legally here.

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