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Originally Posted by DENNY View Post
I would clear all the codes then drive a bit and see what they show. I would suspect the under cover harness or fuel delivery (pre injector) problem.
My truck is not exact OBD II compatible (maybe wrong word but...) - I can plug OBD II scanner but it wouldn't read/pull anything. I think that I need it to be reflashed or have correct scanner that can read OBD for PSD only. That's what I believe. If anyone have good scanner that can read the codes, please let me know. For my scanner, it is INNOVA 3130c "FIX Assist ScanTool w/ABS."

Originally Posted by ArcticDriver View Post
If a truck sat for 2 years I would be concerned about condensation having gotten into fuel and possibly microbial growth.

If you’re only experiencing this issue at higher RPMs, have you considered a dirty fuel filter? What does it look like? If you haven’t drained the fuel bowl on a truck that sat 2 years then I would drain it into a clear glass jar.

I would do this after driving it long enough to transfer fuel from the tank into the fuel bowl.

And post the picture if you get a chance.
The fuel bowl was pulled already as I replaced the fuel lines and fuel regulator screen and ball. The screen fell off when I opened the fuel regulator on the fuel bowl. The filter was medium brown, which I know that it is not good anymore.

I had replaced air filter, oil filter and oil. For the fuel, I would like to believe that it had 4 gallon remaining. I just had it filled to full, mixed with SeaFoam and Power Service "Clear-Diesel." Will drive my truck around for a while and pull the filter and see if it get dirty or not. I drove only maybe 4 miles after refill.


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