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Originally Posted by brian42 View Post
When I rebuilt my turbo I used the Garrett rebuild kit with the 270 degree bearing and the Riffraff billet wheel. Runs great and cured my surge.

As for special tools you will need to have a 1/4" drive 12-point 8mm socket otherwise you will not be able to remove the backing plate bolts. I also had a small Tupperware container with a pool of fresh oil to soak parts in before install. The rest is pretty straight forward. If you want to see what it entails here are good write-ups depending on which kit you go with:

270 degree bearing: https://www.riffraffdiesel.com/conte...structions.pdf

360 degree bearing: https://www.riffraffdiesel.com/conte...structions.pdf

Did you have to balance it? LOL. Some members think the kits will prematurely fail if not balance. Hahahaha. Just curious. Ive never had to balance one, since the pieces all come balanced. LOL. Not sure how you could make them unbalanced by installing them. Any way, for all you who are scared to do these kits because of balancing scares. No worries. None of the kits require any balancing, and all the rotating parts come balanced. Even if you purchased all the pieces from different vendors, all the rotating pieces get balanced at the time they are built. Any premature failure claims were because of poor installation, not balancing. Heres an analogy for you. When you pull your wheels off to check your brakes, do you take all your wheels in and get them rebalanced ? hahahaha, No you don't , because there already balanced most likely before you took them off. Even if you moved there position like rotating. YOur turbo is the same. If you buy a balance part, its balanced. Its not going to fall out of balance because you installed it. So get the kit, be nice and clean , take your time, pre lube everything, and enjoy your billet wheel or rebuild. Don't be scared by none sense.

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