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Originally Posted by RT View Post
I would probably pull the glow plugs and spray a liberal amount of WD-40 or marvel mystery oil into the cylinders. I would then turn the motor over a few revolutions by hand, then spin it with the starter until your oil pressure came up. Then you can button it up and start it. I wouldn’t invest in any other maintenance parts until you know it’s going to run. Why spend a lot of $$$ and then find out you broke a ring or something.

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So, RT
You think that taking out each glow plug and spraying WD40 or MMO is safe? Also, how do you ecommend turning over the motor by hand? At 20 plus compression ratio I didnt think it was possible using just a 3/4" and extension and long bar to i would guess the center crank bolt or what are you suggesting? I am not a mechanic, mechanically inclined but havent dealt with doing my own maintenence on a Diesel engine in 5 years or so? Your detailed suggestion are appreciated and thanks in advance!

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