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1994 Diesel Van E350 IDI 7.3 tank draining HELP needed

1994-7.3-IDI E350-midship fuel tank drain help please

I need guidence from ANYONE who has actually drained their MIDDLE or MIDSHIP fuel tank, in place safely? Please to tell me how to do it? Properly, best, safest? I DO NOT have access to a shop, I'm having to deal with this old school, in the yard.

My 1994 E350 7.3 IDI has been sitting a long time (3+years) and I am trying to start it for the 1st time in a long time. I have a new fuel filter in place. The tank is full (35 gallons). I filled it up to the filler neck as it had 25-28 gallons in the tank already just to see if I could tell the color of the fuel and to see if anything was floating around that I could make out such as algae, unfortunately I couldnt tell with the flashlight shining down the filler neck, the fuel just looked like "diesel"

I have a see-thru food grade 55 gallon drum with top bung screw fill caps. I have a double diaphragm KYNAR, TEFLON air pump and a compressor, and plenty of 3/8" hose. I tried to siphon out tank by going down fuel neck but, on midship tanks like mine, the fuel pump is DIRECTLY inline with filler neck and it is stopping my ability to put a hose into the tank to drain it. I thought, next, to remove the inlet or siphon line at the mechanical fuel pump and attach the diaphragm pump at this area and see if I have any accumulated condensation in the tank. That is is the main reason, I want to drain out old fuel. I want to see if, once fuel is out and into clear drum, it separates into water at the bottom, and fuel at the top, at which point I can skim off the diesel without water and reuse it, if there is any. I'm not convinced that their IS water but don't want to take a chance even though this is becoming a PITA. Any ideas or suggestions from you van owners with mid tank diesel vans that have actually drained your tank, IN PLACE?

I am all ears? Thanks in advance.

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