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Whooshing after ebpv delete

Hi there, I am new to this site but I have gotten a lot of useful info from here.

My problem is since I just completed the ebpv delete by getting the non ebpv ped and the closed off adapter. Now I am getting a whooshing noise that was similar to when the valve was closed when it was installed. It is only under acceleration and sounds like a jet engine.

The only other mods that I have is an intake and SCT x4 street tune on it, but I have put it back to the stock tune with the same problem.

It doesn't sound like a surging noise just whooshing if that makes sense. I do not have an egt gauge yet(ordered not yet installed until shipped) so my fear is that something is clogging the system and it is raising them without me knowing too high.

No noticeable coal on the firewall to indicate a clamp leak.

boost is semi normal, but seems like less power(just a little)

I appreciate any help on this
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