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Success!! So being colorblind and doing wiring can be daunting, but with the help of my son, I was able to get the trailer project completed this weekend!

1st order of business was to replace the uber-cheap connector that was just 5 wires wrapped in electrical tape with a cheap plug at the end. After labeling everything, I bought a new pigtail and changed out this:

to this:

My son helped run a new wire for the reverse lights thru the existing conduit. Then we soldered and heat-shrunk all the connections and we then wrapped up the new junctions in electrical tape and then fastened them to the trailer. After drilling some mounting holes and zip tying wire up, we ended up here:
[IMG]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4w_UOOgOGqYvJAwb4uFaGQG-oduE1cH6B13WBy9jky3vL2KkW0F8L6RxDYailwgw_95f1dXHcp p-HXb4bq7aVKNa3lUXyrH6r8GujapR7tFX2D02moHx8pBZAebivc d-toXNHslcV_tJmWiQSMBCVMIU6zHV88TwoNNwVbKlqQ1wjlMIf4 7syhjUUMLttt6Pf68qpGd95Z5nNwPcudImwyknWjYTmS03Bk9v UCVCV_lpgkogNOSVLomz5EE60G7f27sRl2IWDiBnp7d4y3hHSl YkXqVFTt17jHuxVGqmzm4uyBdwYwLrOVGlXCnuQLWp-wWEakaImJZhqiP8wW9z2lKBZ1hykdGi7zCZXQJf9iDAIQEZrxX ZTEBiF4SkPvaqrgFRxQoLDcly0mdJobNNaR0AQuZSnRvm-MSUKZxEPjJ04ijahOwkQX3bBd2Y3xwee-rjLzfmFfIX7bW7pN10ugqy1Xb-9mx1YqqGy2Rx_k4pBfzEEIeFmh7_TkiesNredFAQoleQ2KS5Yr fvavA4y52aAmswrsj0YKVZkiwXdq65Z***d7b7tYmTPrCXhvzl 9Xu9hZOIYae87qSBjCHN0-xh1C3z_vhPNoOPkkONBPVeYX9rBH1pV1xIkqk3gMOr4qNwtLGy SdM3P_wSq3XAR0KvH281C-FeTvXWAFm4NjcZliy5nmWlyhcsXo2t_0_VhGPY0rW8kQA8WPot K-fSrQyeFQ=w1165-h655-no[/IMG]

Hoping they throw enough light to make a difference, but if they don't it will be easy to swap to something that does. And also hoping this location is protected enough not to get torn off.

I was fairly shocked when i plugged it into the truck and everything worked the first time! Thanks for the help!

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