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Random hot air through vents.

I have a 2014 6.7 power stroke. Absolutely love my truck. One thing is bothering me though. As I live in CA, I usually drive with the climate control off and the windows down a bit. Every once in a while, with the climate control off, I will feel hot air coming out of the vents. Hot as if I have the heat turned all the way off. The way I get it to stop is by briefly turning the climate control on and then off. The hot air then stops coming out of the vents. I have mentioned it to the dealer and they said they haven't heard anything about it and to pay attention to what the truck is doing when it happens. There are no lights or anything abnormal about the truck when it happens other than the hot air. Anyone have suggestions on what I should check? Any help would be appreciated. It bothers me a lot when things aren't working they way they should.
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