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Originally Posted by koots55 View Post
So I recently replaced the GPR and all the glow plugs. For a while the engine started up immediately after the the light went out, it was great. Lately the start has been slowing down more and more, day by day. Until yesterday when I had to crank twice to get it going.

I checked one of the big poles without turning the key and it is getting a 12v reading.

I checked the other pole with key turned. With every click of the relay the voltage meter jumps. Never to 12, but to around 6 or something. Then it pulses with the clicks of the relay.

Is it common for it to pulses like that? If it is common, wouldn't be pulling to 12?

What do you think could be the issue here? Also, am I damaging my glow plugs at all by continuing to try to start like this?
Have you checked to make sure that all the glow plugs are still good, a bad one or two really messes with the system. Would start there.
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