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Originally Posted by BreakAes View Post
I didn't have any heat source, and it was somewhat of a pain for one reason or another, but we ended up getting a couple 2 point mirror mounts with Extend-A-Mirror Arms, and 1 gooseneck mirror, and 1 regular mirror from a junkyard a few towns over.

For now, I plan on trying one side with just the gooseneck mirror, and the other side with the regular mirror on the Extend-A-Mirror Arm. Any thoughts on which mirror is better for which side during this test? Once I decide which setup I like better, I may put the same mirrors on each side, or keep things as they are if it's working fine.

Also, I found a video on removing the flag mirrors from a 1995 truck: (titled "How To Replace Side Rear View Mirror 92-96 Ford F-150" at YouTube) but is there a guide, or any tips, advice, etc., on installing the 2 point mounts, especially since you need to drill 2 holes per door for the lower part of the mount? I want to get them installed right the first time without messing anything up. I'll look into using jack nuts for the lower part of the mount.

I have the Extend- a-Mirror Arms on my 93 dually, and while they work ok ,I would go a different route if was to do it again. Shake to much going down the road , the plastic piece does not last long term. I had to end up putting a hose clamp around it.
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