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6.0 Oil leak no ideas where

Ok i just rebuilt this motor completely. First time starting it up ran great no leaks then 10 mins in it started at from main just after send the tools back to freefom of course. So i got the tools back took new seal wear ring out put old seal back in no leaks. Well now i have one that started in back it drips right by the ac water coming out now its covered my trans to the rear end oil dripping off everything but the engine. So i tore it down from the top pulling turbo everything to be able to see and feel. Well theres no oil anywhere up top. HPOP cover clean ICP clean turbo clean oil cooler filter housing clean. Not one gasket leaking on the motor all the sensors are clean and dry. Theres no spray no oil anywhere except that you can see whete it comes down the trans adaptter plate on to tranny. Thought ICP HPOP cover there clean lost about half a quart in 200 miles. Im stumped ive looked at everything i can think of that plays a part with oil system. The thing that doesnt has the oil on it. Need help before i end up taking to a shop and getting screwed overfor something im over looking. Any suggestions any place i should look. Like i said its brand new rebuilt i took motor out and went from oil pan to turbo rebuilding this motor. Runs greatjust this one thing. Thanks in advance for any help. Donny
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