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Well guys after tearing it apart and back together a few times i think ive found the problem but would like to hear some input for you guys. Like i said in my original post this motor is brand new rebuilt. I did myself and was my first diesel so a learning experience for me. The only place im finding oil is the back left corner of the head that is it. I got a bore cam checked everywhere about 20 mins of video looking at every sealing area. I really didnt think a oil leak from a head gasket would leak this much oil and cover everything to the rearend. Well first i didnt know but found out by calling diesel tech's that i shouldve use ford OEM head gasket well i used Fel-Pro ive used them all my life never having one fail to seal this is a first for me. Have the gotten that bad over the past years.

Well i went to ford dealer and got the headgaskets even tho its only the one leaking i dont feel comfortable leaving the other one on the truck and not looking forward at taking heads back out but i still have most of everything still off the motor y pipes out turbo . Rebuilding the motor i used arp head studs so i guess it should be a little easier getting heads out. The problem that i guess will be torquing them down to the required 210# while in the truck. When i moved here a few years ago i broke my collar bone didnt know these docs up here wouldn't fix it so these that had a hard enough time the first time with it out. Guess i need to try an find a younger person than me to maybe torque them down once back on. So if anyone living around Knoxville or Gatlinburg area wouldnt mind helping a busted up older guy putting the heads back down on this PSD it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED ive never in my life asked for anything from anyone before but i guess age is catching up to me. It took 3 months getting this motor back in. I took the whole front clip dam near off to do this before having noway of lifting cab. I have the tools and equipment to do the job now. Just know im not going to be able to torque head properly while in truck one armed took 2 days to torque while out by myself guessing im not as strong as i once was 10 years ago before a busted collar bone no problem. I do want to thank everyone that gave advise on the rebuild and helping find this leak, other than this leak this motor runs great smooth and sounds awsome. Like i said my firdt DIESEL rebuild. Ive built many of gassers in my day loving the drag Racing as i did the rush of a big block putting down 2000+ HP was unrealistic loved it, but gave it all up 10 yrs ago after spending almost 5 months in ICCU guess nothing like living by tubes only can change a persons perspective on a lot of things. Again thanks to everyone because i respected everyone's reply and opinion they was very helpful with this whole truck. Being its the only truck i have its a must have thing, only other vehicles are motorcycles at this time, but it is what it is. Hoping everyone's having a great day donny
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