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500 miles post injector job madness

Hey all I have a 99.5 7.3 194k got it about 3 months ago for a really good deal (knowing I had to replace the injectors) so I decided to pull them and send them to SoCal diesel to be rebuilt put them in and the truck ran like a dream! So much more power quiet and smooth! Now Im about 500 miles post and my truck is now blowing insane white clouds when starting up as well as rough idle and very slight blue smoke if Im sitting at a light when I first punch the fuel it seems off but than it it full power runs great until I go back down to idle. The white smoke happens even if I let the truck sit for only 10-20 mins. Im worried because i pulled my fuel bowl due to a leak and rebuilt all the seals and I noticed a crap load of rust like bits on the bottom..... so now Im thinking I have fuel Tank delamination? I have already ordered a new tank and screens. My question is am I going down the right path? It really seems like my pickup screens might be clogged ? I have checked my HPOP and it’s full of oil and my fuel bowl is filling I’m just concerned about the white smoke my oil and coolant levels look ok.

*10/13 update I wrote this 10/12and today driving it has lost almost all power and shakes like crazy*

*10/14 I ran a fuel bowl worth of injector cleaner yesterday and it ran like a champ for 30ish mins and went right back*

Any input of be greatly appreciated because I’m losing my ****.... FYI I have a new tank and screens coming in tomorrow I figured I should be it ether way.
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