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Re: Hard/No Start? Check here first.

Hey Guys,

I replaced my GPR and Tested all my plugs.. The Plugs 5 and 6 I think.. The ones towards the front of the grill, but the 2nd row.. so not the closest but the ones behind it.. They both show infinite readouts on ohms.. The Others all show .7 Ohms. I dont think 2 bad glow plugs would make it not start.. do you?

However, the truck still has a very hard time starting. its 70 degrees out right now.. and I got it to start once, only to stall.. My batteries are almost dead now with me trying to start it so many times.. And I know that its not the batteries because I can get the truck to start, but it just stalls right after..

My Oil is fine, I just changed it.. and My dad has a 99 7.3L with the same oil and his works fine..
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