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Re: Private Messages

I have sent a few messages during the course of my membership but they do not appear in my Sent folder.

[/ QUOTE ]

And they never will unless you put a tic mark in the box for "I want to keep a copy of this message." That box is below the editor screen where you write your PM.

There's also another tic box for "I want to receive a read receipt". Same rule: If you don't tick mark it, then you won't receive a read receipt when the person you sent it to opens it up to read it.

Out of curiosity I asked DJ to send me a message. I didn't receive it. I think there might be a glitch in the system, at least in my case.

[/ QUOTE ]

I suspect you have PMs turned off in your My Home. Or have you gone into My Home and looked at "Received Private Messages"?

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