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JRS 06-11-1999 03:15 AM

What's with the censorship if I may ask? Every vehicle out there with a radiator has a pet**** for gosh sakes. *****willows are just plants. ****akes are great mushrooms. etc, etc. Don't you think that's carrying censorship a little too far to be cutting out parts of regular plain ole everyday words?

99 F250 XLT PSD SuperCab
4x4 SWB 4R100 White/Grey
born 11/23/98

Shawn 06-11-1999 08:37 AM

Re: Censorship???
It isn't us or Jason, it is the software. It is a "dumb" filter where it does character by character searchs. If a certain group happen to show up, then it gets changed to asteriks. I haven't kept up with the development lately but I don't know if a smart filter is in the works. Smart filters are nice, but they are a ***** (I hope the word to the left is censored http://www.ford-diesel.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif )to program and have working right. Dumb is better right now.


Edit: Well, there is one word that doesn't get filtered... " http://www.ford-diesel.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif
Shawn Pryde
1999 and 1/2 PSD CC LWB 2wd, with Black over Tan. No Modifications, yet...

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