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Dmpaul89 04-25-2016 08:46 AM

Does this forum work well for anyone?
I cant even access it on my phone, and you need a super computer to load all the ads and junk. I cant take it anymore!

Administrator 04-25-2016 12:01 PM

The ads on the site shouldn't be impacting your time here once you have signed in. Can you try clearing cookies and cache and posting a screenshot if your errors continue?

Can you elaborate on your mobile error? Where are you having the troubles when trying to access from a mobile device?


ford_doctor 04-25-2016 12:21 PM

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Actually they do! I have been having issues with advertisements automagically opening up and partially covering the page on my PC which are difficult to close if I CAN close them or the page wont scroll or skips while loading Pisses me off if you want the truth. I understand the reason/need for advertising - I know probably more than most people here but the amount of advertising on TDS has gotten to the point where it detracts from the experience. JMHO

Take a look.

Dmpaul89 04-25-2016 04:19 PM

Sorry for the vent, I just get frustrated with websites. I like a simple layout, with minimal features. the main problem with using my phone is, theres too much going on It loads slow and I loose patience. so I get on the PC and have the same problem but at least its a little easier to navigate on the big screen that way. I understand ads are always going to be here, but they are a little overwhelming. Also IMO there are too many topics, I think a lot of the individual sections could be consolidated to get more views for each post.

Ag talk, or Allischalmers.com are great Forums with simple layouts that I frequent Daily and they do not make me want to pull my hair out!

Thanks for the quick response, Dave

chuckster57 04-25-2016 04:32 PM

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On your phone are you using a web browser? If so you might want to use Auto Guide app. I have the paid version and don't see any ad's or banners.

79jasper 04-25-2016 05:34 PM

I'm using Tapatalk.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk

Maryland dieselnick 04-25-2016 10:30 PM

I have no control panel in the classic version. I have to switch to the full(new) version to do that or thread site searches.

Administrator 04-26-2016 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by Maryland dieselnick (Post 4144714)
I have no control panel in the classic version. I have to switch to the full(new) version to do that or thread site searches.


Are you meaning the User Control panel? You can access this in the classic skin by going to Quick Links-> Edit Options.

For those of you seeing these ads; can you please provide the following information and we'll see if the ad team will be able to resolve this or block them so they do not show for you again.

1) A screenshot of the ad (like the one you already provided)
2) the full URL of the ad
3) Where were you on the site when you had this issue
4) What geo location are you in (some ads are specifically targeting members based off of where they are located.
5) What kind of browser and device are you using?


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