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brakeeater 07-05-2019 03:50 PM

2016 F350 DRW eating rear brakes
My 2016 F350 DRW has been eating rear brake pads like they are potato chips. I replaced them in November and had to again in May and I also replaced the rotors at that time as well. Now just into July and it's eaten another set and I'll have to replace the pads this weekend.

This truck is in mud (clay/sand type) regularly due to excessive rains the past few months and my 1/2 mile of mud/driveway, so things do get caked with mud however the front brakes go through the same mud and are also caked yet they are not wearing excessively. It's also not sticking slide pins since the left and right rear wear evenly, just excessively. There is also no indication of excessive heat and the MPG doesn't appear to be affected much.

The rain finally seems to be easing so hopefully I'll be able to fix up my driveway so the mud will be eliminated and I'll be able to see how much impact that is really having. It's also not my driving as my 2009 F350 DRW went seven years and a great many miles on all original brakes just inspecting them regularly before I traded it for the 2016 though it saw a lot less mud.

Thoughts? Anyone else having similar problems? Help!

DENNY 07-05-2019 06:14 PM

I would usually say it was the pucks in the calipers that are sticking (it could still be that). How ever, with both of the rear brakes doing it I would suggest it may be the proportioning valve making the rear brakes do most of the stoping. Do you have any symptoms like the rear wheels locking up as you brake?

brakeeater 07-05-2019 06:19 PM

No symptoms of lockup, and I think that would be noticeable unloaded and on some gravel roads around here as well as the non-mud sections of my driveway. It doesn't help that I can't find my service DVD for this truck currently.

ford_doctor 07-06-2019 08:10 AM

Just for reference, how many miles are you driving between replacing the rear pads? What brand of pads are you using? What is the story with the front brakes?

There is no proportioning valve which is commonly found on older vehicles with rear drum brakes and this is a four wheel disc brake system with a 3 or 4 channel ABS system. In theory, a three channel system could have a sticking valve in the ABS HCU causing brake drag at the rear axle which is not common at all.

The basics apply here: check for binding and drag - check cold and after driving when everything is heated if possible. Consider usage like towing and driving conditions like driving in hilly terrain often. I have noticed over the years that lately rear brakes tend to wear faster than the fronts on sever truck models.

Just thought I would toss all that at you for thought.

brakeeater 07-07-2019 10:19 AM

Far too few miles, Nov-May was around 10k, May to July perhaps 3k if that. In November I used the regular Motorcraft pads, May and July using the "Super Duty" Motorcraft pads (BRSD-1691).

The excessive wear seems to only be the rears, in Nov I did pads all around, May I only did the rears (pads and rotors), and now in July (today) I am only doing rear pads. Since both the fronts and rears were getting packed with mud and only the rears wearing excessively I tend to think the mud isn't the root cause of the problem. The weather seems to finally be improving so hopefully I will be able to fix up my driveway and eliminate mud as a suspect soon.

There are no hills here in N.E. TX and I haven't been doing much towing or hauling recently. Very odd for rears to wear faster than fronts on a pickup that isn't heavily loaded. My 2009 F350 DRW which was pretty much identical never got now brakes in seven years and well over 100k miles before I traded it in. I inspected them regularly but they barely wore at all.

brakeeater 07-07-2019 06:33 PM

I cleaned all the mud off*and replaced the rear pads. In six weeks or so they wore probably 80% on the outside pads and 60% on the inside pads. I then spent a good chunk of the afternoon on the backhoe regrading the driveway a bit so as long as we don't get more insane rain there shouldn't be any mud for a while. I'm pulling the fronts apart shortly for inspection and mud removal.

brakeeater 07-07-2019 09:48 PM

The fronts which were last done in November are probably about 50% worn, and in the same period the rears wore 180%.

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