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Relentless007 05-17-2017 01:44 PM

OBS PSD Rear Brake Service
Getting ready to do the brakes on my 97' F-250 HD 4x4. I have done disk brakes before so the front will be easy however the rear are drums. The only drums I have ever done were on an ATV.

Does anyone have a parts list and procedure/guide? Any tips and tricks are appreciated.

From what reading I have done I know that the rear brakes are self adjusting (when you back up), and can be manually adjusted via the star wheel hole on the back of the hub plate. Can I just loosen this up when I put on new brakes and then reverse the truck to get them back in adjustment??

79jasper 05-17-2017 04:01 PM

The self adjusting does not work.
YouTube the job.

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Steve83 05-23-2017 02:36 PM

This shows how it's assembled, but take your own pics before you start, and during the job.


The key to making everything work right is CLEANING and lubricating (yes, inside the brakes). Avoid breathing the dust & vapors, but use whatever it takes: compressed air, wire brushes, aerosol brake cleaner, toothbrushes, solvent tank, sandblaster, wirewheel... Keep taking pics (or just set up your phone to video you), but disassemble EVERYTHING & clean all the crap out. Then apply the proper grease to every point of metal-to-metal contact, but NOT so that it can work its way to the friction surfaces:


If you shop around, and order them in-advance, you can probably get MotorCraft shoes & drums (and pads & rotors) for about the same as cheap aftermarket brakes; substantially less than aftermarket gimmick brakes (frozen drilled ceramic...). When it's clean, lubed, & assembled correctly, the autoadjuster works.


But you should NOT rely on it for INITIAL adjustment. For the autoadjuster to work, the shoes must contact the drum with some force, and that doesn't always happen with new shoes (particularly if the drums are old). So either make the initial adjustment by trial-&-error (repeatedly expand the shoes & install the drum until it doesn't fit, then back off the adjustment), or buy the tool to make the initial adjustment:

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