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absolutezero273c 06-07-2019 12:05 PM

7.3 Transplanted to 5.4/6.8 Rust Free Body?
Sadly my Ex is now to the point where I need to make a decision. I need to either repair my Ex or find a rust free 5.4/6.8 body and migrate my 7.3 drivetrain to the rust free body. Talking with some other folks it appears there may be a concern regarding other aspects of such a transplant. Wiring harnesses are one concern. Or maybe even the only concern? Suspension and drivetrain modifications not withstanding.

Has anyone attempted this feat or have any input into why this would not work?

I know the under hood wiring harness will need to go with the engine. Will the under dash fuseblock and wires need to go? Will the fuel lines need to be added/replaced?


Mark Kovalsky 06-08-2019 07:39 AM

Of course, it can be done. Given enough time and money, I can transplant ANY engine into ANY vehicle.

Off the top of my head, you'll need to replace the transmission since no gas engine trans will bolt to a 7.3L. You will need to underhood wiring, probably the under dash, too. You will need the instrument cluster, the fuel system, the PCM, and do something about the front suspension. At least the springs and shocks will have to change, I don't know about the rest of the parts. The 7.3L is a lot heavier than either gas engine.

absolutezero273c 06-11-2019 05:21 PM

Hi Mark, Thanks for your response. This would be done by me in my time. So yeah, it will take a decent amount. I was planning to use my complete drive train, PCM, wiring harnesses, suspension, etc. I was really wondering if there was any 'gotchas'. Or just a few tips from someone who has done it? Just trying to come up with pros and cons I guess. But maybe the biggest con is just my time.

BS Hauler 06-12-2019 10:47 AM

Would be far easier to find a 7.3 truck with a bad engine to swap it into.

samwe 07-17-2019 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by BS Hauler (Post 4661986)
Would be far easier to find a 7.3 truck with a bad engine to swap it into.

I plan to do a swap just like this. I do have an '02 7.3 that is mechanically excellent and '03 6.8 Ex that has a great body and a dead engine.

Finding a 7.3 Excursion in good shape is not easy. They are very expensive when I see them come up for sale and usually have enough mods to scare me anyway.

I have an 6.0 '03 to drive while doing the body swap. And since I have two complete vehicles I should have l the parts.

I wish I could find more information other than people who have not done it saying not to.

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