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00GaGuy 05-03-2006 06:47 PM

I got in my truck this morning and started heading to work like normal. There is always this pesty import raising hell and leaving at about the same time I do. He was behind me so I decided to soot him out. I put the BDP chip in the 140 setting and laid into it. Like normal I looked at my Pyro and Boost gauges right about shift time and found my Boost to be pegged at 35psi and my pyro to be reading about 200 degrees. I watched it the rest of the morning and it never moved. I checked all the wiring and everything looks as it did when I put it in. The gauge will still illuminate but just will not read. It is an Autometer ultralite. Any ideas fellas??? Thanks in advance.

rednck21 05-04-2006 12:16 AM

its got to be one of two things.....

either the wire that goes to the probe is loose (or the probe has gone bad), or one of the wires from your 12V ignition on has come loose or has a bad connection.

well maybe thats 3 things but you get the idea. trace all the wires from start to finish and make sure they are hooked up right. if that doesnt work call autometer [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif[/img]

00GaGuy 05-05-2006 07:32 AM

I thought my 12v source was good because the light comes on in the gauge. I just cant remember the wiring exactly. I will check again.

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