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thecheesemannn 05-02-2013 09:15 PM

Just sprayed the ones in my new (to me) truck! Worked like a charm. Bingo! :yesnod:

Oxman504 07-20-2013 11:49 PM

Got an 03 F550 originally had a 6.0. Did the WD40, no luck. Did the cluster trick (very nice by the way) and found the driver door to be the culprit. Pulled the panel to find one of the wires ripped from the plug. I soldier it back on and all is well now. By the way my truck didn't come with power anything, I put it in. Thanks for this thread guys it helped a lot. Been having this truck for about 7 years now and never know about the dash trick.

Oxman504 12-10-2013 10:08 AM

My problem happened to be one of the wires broke off right by the connector. Thanks again guys

rashaunny 06-29-2014 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by jeepnjay (Post 1609279)
Just remove the relay in the fuse box... When I bought my 99 crew I noticed the dome light did not work so I replaced the bulbs, still nothing, checked fuse, nothing found relay missing, replaced relay, the light stayed on and did not turn off, tried wd40 no luck. The passenger door does not fully latch so I think that is the problem. So for now the relay is still out.

Okay so I have a 2003 F250 5.4l regular cab. It was hit hard passenger door so until I replace that is is sealed up with expanding foam and painted white. I cannot access behind the door panel. I believe that switch is my door ajar light problem. There is a harness in the right side at the pillar of the passenger foot well which does control the door ajar bc it disabled whe I unplugged it but my airbags did as well :/ Currently I have the light bulbs out. I tried pulling the Vehicle Security Module but that not seem to control the door ajar symbol on the dash. It should be noted, no alarm, manual locks windows. Any suggestions on where the passenger switch for the regular cab of my vehicle comes in that i may unplug it and ground the feed (if I am understanding the mechanism correctly reading this forum) to show the door is always closed? :sick:

mfrank1296 01-31-2015 02:18 PM

Ive read everyones post and dont see anyone with the problem i have.I have a 2000 f350 crew cab lariat.My driver door and rear driver door work as they should.Now when i open my passenger door and rear passenger door i get no door ajar light or dome light.Any ideas? Also curious on a headlight switch.All my lights on the truck everywhere work but the headlight switch doesnt light up when the lights are on.Any suggestions?

Tglass 01-31-2015 08:09 PM

I have an 03 f250 7.3 extended cab and I'm having some of these issues. I get NO door ajar light, no dome light but my locks and windows work. I've checked all fuses and relays and all seem good. I replaced my VSM which fixed nothing and the dealer told me it did not have to be programmed. Any suggestions?

shreward 02-17-2015 09:26 AM

2002 Excursion with door ajar light always on -FIX
Just purchased this vehicle last week. 140,000 miles. Door Ajar light was on. Headed to the internet and found this forum! Wanted to say thanks for all the info and walk the next guy through what I did for repair.

Excursion has 2 sensors in the back glass. Both of mine were bad due to the dust/grime on the rear of the vehicle.

1. When the truck is off and the doors are all shut the dome light stays on about 20 minutes, when this finally goes off open one door. If the light comes on -then this is NOT your door. One door at a time take about 90 minutes, giving the 'reset' time for the dome light override. When you finally figure out which door does not turn on the dome light, that's your culprit. As I said mine was the back glass.

2. Using the "Odometer Trick", confirm this. Just search for this in the forum. Again confirm that the door that you are opening does not change the code on the odometer.

3. The back glass has a latch on the left and right with a 'door ajar switch' on each of these. The trim comes off easily after removing the 2 screws in the handle. Taking the latch out is quite easy. Just the 3 #T-27 screws on each. This gives you the best access to removing the switch, which is done by a 1/4 turn. (apparently these are right and left sensitive - don't confuse them).

4. Replace or clean the switches. They are also $35.00 bucks or so at Advance Auto, so lets try to clean them. I was able to get mine working freely with PB blaster and using pliers to pull the button up and twisting it some then just working it a good bit.

5. Reinstall these back in the wiring. This should turn off the light. When the button is 'up' - the door is closed.

5. Reverse the removal process and enjoy your ride!

ajohansson 02-18-2015 05:48 PM

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Dude i have been suffering with this for ever. My only saving grace with the lights staying on forever is was i installed an overide switch years before. Did that so when we are camping and i leave the door open the lights are on all the time. Cant wait to figure this all out.


WarMachine 07-09-2015 05:32 PM

Hey Im new here. Just nabbed a low mileage 2000 F250 BadBoy but I got this same prob. Used the ole WD last night and it worked once for an hour, and then the lights are on again. 2 hours later, half a can of WD down and a whole lot of door swingin and door thumpin, prolly lookin like some crazy OCD neighbors and the dang lights are still on. I just pulled the bulbs for now...SIDENOTE::: I bought this truck 2 days ago and it had been throughly mudded prior to that so theres some grit to get rid of

shreward 07-10-2015 07:18 PM

War Machine,
This should fix your issue, just follow the steps above. Let the group know if it don't fix it. The grime/grit is the issue. The previous owner of mine apparently lived on a clay road. Has caused all my havoc.

WarMachine 07-15-2015 10:39 PM

Thanks all for the info. Atill didnt work. Looks like im gnna have to pull the door panel and clean it by hand.

QWKSNKE 12-03-2015 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by QWKSNKE (Post 1720428)
My 2003 F250 CC has had this problem for a couple of years.
First, I tried the WD40 trick a few years ago. Worked for awhile then the truck thought the doors were open again. Replaced the switches in both front doors (rears were fine) and came up with a new problem. The passenger door switch works opposite. When the door is open the door ajar light and the interior lights go off. Shut the door and the interior lights and door ajar light comes back on. I have tried several switches but all do the same thing.
Is there something else I need to look at replacing?

So, 5 years later and some time off from work, I decided to mess with this again and.....

ITS FIXED! It appears that the last time I fooled with this, I had a string of bad luck. Back in 2010 when messing with switch, I had tried 3 different new ones from different manufacturers and knowing what I know now, all of them had been manufactured incorrectly. The switch I pulled out of my RH front door was manufactured 'normally open' It is supposed to be 'normally closed' Picked up a new one from Oreilly's last night, checked it with my multimeter before purchase, and it worked correctly (opposite of the one I pulled out of my truck)

Now my interior bulbs can go back in. LOL

Wrench_95 01-05-2016 12:02 PM

Ok so not trying to beat a dead horse here, but nothing is working on my 2002 crew cab.

WD-40 didn't work no matter how many applications and door slamming.

Hooked to both auto enginuity and ford tech diagnostic scan tools and they both say both front doors are always open.

I pulled the drivers side switch and it works properly, unplugged the harness which should create an open circuit... Aka door closed situation (I think) and door ajar light and dinger still on. Then I used a jumper wire on the harness just to double check.. Same thing

Purchased a new updated VSM and took to Ford to get programmed but they couldn't get it to communicate with the computer. He told me my viper car alarm might be interfering, and since I hate that thing anyways I took it all out last night.

I'm lost on what I can do to fix this thing, all I want is this door ajar light off and interior lights! :headbang:

I'm taking it to a different ford dealership tomorrow to try to get the VSM programmed but at this point I'm not real hopeful. What else can I try on this thing?

Wrench_95 01-06-2016 06:47 PM

So another failed attempt at the dealership to get the VSM programmed, I'm tired of throwing time and money at this POS. pulled the cluster out and put some electrical tape on the back of the faceplate over the door ajar light and about to remove the door dinger. To hell with interior lights I'll just use a flashlight until I sell this thing.

yan7gin 01-06-2016 08:40 PM

Try pulling the fuse 19 and 102, whait a couple hours and put them back.

Worked for me.

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