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bluenavigator 04-13-2019 08:17 PM

Power steering pump or gearbox
Here's the case that I have. On the way back home, I turned around the corner, I noticed that there is some pushing back on the steering wheel. Actually, it is more holding the steering wheel and will not me to turn smoothly. It is like someone is there holding the steering wheel back then suddenly let me go through. It only happens when I am turning around the corners. It doesn't matter which way, I go left or right, I feel the same feedback on the steering wheel. I checked steering shaft and didn't see anything like wrapping around the shaft at all. Steering pump is full. Maybe a tad too low but still have enough power steering fluid. I am not sure if it is the steering gear box or just power steering pump. Thoughts?

Audiowriter 04-14-2019 07:48 AM

Check the ball joints and see if they are bad.
I have replaced ball joints with brand new - BUT - cheap ones - and had the exact same problem you are having.

bluenavigator 04-16-2019 02:06 AM

What ball joints? Are you referring to the steering wheel shaft? Or are they inside the steering gear box or pump?

Audiowriter 04-16-2019 05:46 AM

The ball joints are what hold the wheels (hub) to the front axles. There is one on top and one on the bottom on both front wheel hubs. These are what allow the front wheels to "turn" back and forth.

bluenavigator 04-18-2019 12:36 AM

Oh ball joints! Just had dumb moment! I had checked under the engine, to check the steering linkage. They are all solid. I had my wife turning the steering wheel while I am under there, looking at the movements of the linkage. They are going fine as expected from left to right and back full.

It is the steering wheel that actually being held back when I try to turn, doesn't matter which way, left or right. It reacts same way but spotty. There and here and there, not in same spot all the time when I turn the steering wheel.

Audiowriter 04-18-2019 06:22 AM

I still say it could be the ball joints.
NOT the steering "tie rod" (linkage) - but the ball joints.

I couldn't find a picture - but here is a video of a guy changing his ball joints. (It's not an easy job to take on...)

Have yours possibly been changed recently?

Usually when they are old and wore out they "rattle" when hitting bumps and when they are really wore it makes for sloppy steering.

But like I said previously - new ball joints (cheap ones) can "drag" at spots - like something is stopping the steering wheel from turning.
It can be at random times - and random positions during a turn.

bluenavigator 04-19-2019 02:42 AM

Okay, I will take a look at it tomorrow.

Audiowriter 04-19-2019 06:28 AM

You can better check if it is the ball joints by jacking both front wheels up off the ground (place sturdy jack stands under each I-Beam axle at a location where the wheels can turn back and forth) then try turning the steering wheel.
Sometimes the ball joints need the weight of the truck on them before they "drag" and cause the problem - so if the steering works smoothly when its jacked up - it very well still could be the ball joints causing the problem.

bluenavigator 07-03-2019 12:25 PM

Couple weeks ago, I got chance to check the steering issue. I had front end raised and checked the steering system. It seems to be fine. As I recall that the power steering box was pretty low. Think that air entered the system and caused this issue?

Audiowriter 07-04-2019 10:24 AM

It's possible that air can do that - but when there is air in the PS system - usually it has a "grinding" sound when turning the wheel until the air is worked out. If it is air - after filling it up with PSF - it should work the air out - in time - from driving / turning.

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