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Bruce Larkins 04-08-2008 05:46 PM

Powerstroke has no power when turning key
:sick:I need help. Wife used truck last week to help move kid home. She left the lights on all day which drained both batteries. I charged both batteries and after that when I turned on the key everything on my dash worked like normal, never started truck. I thought now would be a good time to replace the battery cables that I bought last summer. Dis-connected all battery cables then turned key a couple times to discharge any current that might still be in system. Disconnected starter first and then the start silenoid and then pulled the positive battery cable out of engine compartment. Then disconnected the negitive cable from engine block and pulled them. Hooked up the new negitive cables to the engine block and pulled them in place, didn't coonect to batteries. Run the positive cable down thru engine compartment and hooked up starter and starter silenoid. After all that stuff has been hooked up and then hooked up the positive battery post and then the negitive. I now have no power at all when I turn the key on my truck dash, no radio, no lights, no nothing.

What I do have
Batteries both have full charge. Starter has juice from battery and the 1 side of starter silenoid has power. Other side doesn't have power even when the key is turned. If I jump across post then the starter turns over. Again there is no power to dash or components at all.

Is there a fuse that got blown? Did I hook up my starter silenoid wrong? I put the battery cable on one side and all the other wires on the battery side of the silenoid/front grill side, is this wrong?

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Bruce Larkins
Strasburg Colorado

STurbo90 04-08-2008 07:22 PM

The connections at the fender starter relay should be hooked up to the same post as the battery supply line. It sounds like you hooked it up to the starter solenoid side.

There should be the battery feed, the alternator lead, the gpr lead, and the underhood distribution box lead on one post,

the other post should have the starter solenoid wire on it by itself.

Here is pic of mine,

note the 2 1/0 red, and 2 16 gauge black wires are not oem,

Fender Starter Relay pictures from cars photos on webshots

firefighter3328 04-26-2008 08:39 PM

You might want to check your battery terminals... i had the same problem all i needed to do was change out the terminals... and it might not help to change to solenoid. If neither one of those work check your key cylinder... since you do not get power till the key is turned there may be a loose wire around that area....

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