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MadTransOwner 01-05-2018 09:19 PM

2015 DevilsChild Transit
Transit 350 HD 148", 3.2L diesel, 280,000 miles. Won't go into great detail with my transit disasters but... Just got a "Stop Safely Now" light and the engine shut down at 68 mph on an interstate. Just about got rear ended by a semi. Got it started again, now with check engine light on about 15 minutes later--runs OK now. This transit can't go 50 miles without throwing a check engine light. 90% of the time I'm told it's a false light and its reset. It's costing me $1-3,000 A MONTH to run. That Flex coupling disintegrated before the recall and the Dealer told me it was the transmission...needless to say I'm still waiting on my REFUND! Already replaced: EGR Cooler, Power Steering pump, radiator, countless sensors, CD player, 2 door switches, the DEF exhaust filter pipes, DEF heater, wiring harness and lid (twice), and countless other things.... Any Idea why this FORD VAN is such a piece of crap???
Reading some of the other posts, it sounds like another EGT sensor. How can that totally shut down the engine and possibly cause an accident? This to me is a huge safety concern. Any other transit owners have this problem yet?

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