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SlashB 06-25-2019 07:56 PM

White smoke when idling, black smoke under load and no power
93 f-350 7.3 IDI 170,xxx miles
(I am no mechanic)
Back story: It had set 4 years out in a pasture and the guy sort of fixed it up and decided to sell it. So I bought it from him about 9 months. I put new glow plugs, filters, front end, axle seals, carrier bearing, brakes, master cylinder etc. after all that it ran awesome, till a few months ago
Now there’s a puff of white smoke when it starts, usually starts on second/third crank. At an idle there’s a constant, barely noticeable stream of white smoke, not blue and doesn’t smell like anything other than diesel. It also idles a little rougher than it did before. Changed the oil, air filter and fuel fliter in the past week.
It drives alright enough by itself but when I put a trailer on it, 5000 lb load, it’ll puff black smoke and is GUTLESS. No power. Pedal to the floor in 5th and can barely make it up hills on the highway without downshifting to 4th. Where before it would handle that with no problems. Injection pump? Injectors? Air intrusion? Any and all help would be really appreciated!

94iditurb 07-09-2019 08:51 PM

Going off of what your describing I ran into the same issue on my truck last year went through did a compression test and found out I had a bad head gasket. It would chuff white smoke while idling and had a slight miss fire(bearly noticable) and when I pulled the heads off I found one of my cyl. Heads had a small crack. First thing I would do personally is a compression/leak down test and see what you have. I can't remember what compression there supposed to have off hand but maybe some1 else will chime in that does. hope it helps.

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