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Randy 4614 01-03-2019 08:58 PM

I have a 93 dually with factory turbo , 4.10 and ZF5 trany. 215 tires , factory size. When first got the truck , used, it had a wide ratio transmission it. I pull close to 18000 to 20000 # behind it. Had to be really careful starting or backing up on much of a grade. Had transmission problem so rebuilt it to a close ratio. Lost about 10 mph on top end , but now it will pull. We have some pretty good hills and mountains here in Montana. Yes it pulls down on the hills , but still gets me there. Get around 15 empty and 8- 10 loaded , still run down the highway 65 -70 pretty easy. this is what I pull with mine.

wpetko 01-05-2019 10:05 AM

Regearing a 4x4 truck is a big red flag for me because you would have to regear the front axle as well. I would first research auxiliary transmissions like Gear Vendors before I got into the differentials. Also, unless you are towing WAY too heavy & your truck is overloaded a 4.10 gear should be completely adaquate for any hills that you find in Florida. If the truck is having a hard time towing with your present ratios then maybe you should consider adding a turbocharger or other engine upgrades.

DENNY 01-05-2019 12:42 PM

So when you are towing at say 60 mph and you come up to a hill and start to slow down does you truck tranny shift out of overdrive? Simply dropping a gear lower in tranny will give you higher rpm and more power. What are your EGT temps and what is the location of the probe.

montibank 01-13-2019 03:07 PM

"Towing waaay to much weight" yes likely.

Shop goofed and put 4.88 in it, thank god they did. Gearing is spot on for what I wanted rpm at 55 in fourth and 65 in 5th with 315s on it. In break in now so can't pull my trailer to test. Kinda wish I did have them put positraction in it. They called halfway through the job and I said no. Regeetting that choice already... Had to put it in 4wd to get up my buddies driveway the other day. His driveway is dirt, it was raining, and it is a really steep climb.

montibank 01-13-2019 03:10 PM

Oh ... it already has a factory turbo. Not that it wouldnt do the job... it did just fine if I was willing to go 35 mph. 120 miles at 35 vs 120 miles at 55 mph is a huge difference in time.

montibank 01-13-2019 03:11 PM

zf5 ... manual not automatic

montibank 04-12-2019 10:43 PM

So ... long story short ended up with 4.88 gearing. A little bummed I didn't have to go up to 37" tires to 'fix' my mistake but 4.88 with ~34" tires is pretty *****in for towing. Fuel mileage not so much but that was not a problem I am worried about. Next up... get the speedo fixed so I can figure out my range on a fill up.

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