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farmerbk 02-05-2019 08:50 PM

Eaton TrueTrac
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After reading through the responses on adding limited slip, I tried to investigate other options.
I checked with the local Ford garage about the cost for the electric locker that is the factory option, do not think it can be purchased to install....? no one can come up with a definitive answer.

Went to the Detroit website to check out an Eaton TrueTrac....(which is highly recommended by this forum) cannot seem to find one for my truck. When trying to use the online selector, it says none available. However from the options provided, I am not sure the automatic product selector is guiding me correctly.

My truck currently has the 3:31 regular axle, listed on tag as axle 31 (codes in pix)

so am I missing something on the Detroit site? Or a better option?

Insights would be welcome

RT 02-06-2019 08:48 AM

Code 31 is supposed to be a Sterling 10.5 that was used on the F250, SRW F350, and Excursions. Given the inclusion of Excursion, that would take it back to the same axle used as far back as 2007. I would think Eaton may not have updated their catalog to include the 2018 model year as of yet, but I suspect a phone call to these guys Filthy Motorsports Drivetrain Shop | Axle Parts, Lockers, and Gears would answer any questions you have. If you haven't watched this video yet, I think it would be worth your time:

farmerbk 02-06-2019 06:36 PM

RT, thanks
I had not seen that video, was very interesting
I never realized I was calling my "Limited Slip" by the wrong name....torzien.

I do not know why ford went to the locker rear end and not this....straight locker is less effective (at least in my situations) as I am typically not pulling in a straight line if I need the "LS" and 4WD

thanks again

MnTim 02-06-2019 07:58 PM

In my old 99 F250 the limited slip was worthless. It never worked when I needed it to. A friend bought a used 2001 F350 and it had a Detroit locker that he hated. So we traded complete rear axles. He was happy and so was I. The Detroit locker had its quirks but, I liked that it always worked. My 2019 F350 has the Ford electric locker and so far I really like it. ItÂ’s nice to be able to drive on ice with it unlocked and not go sideways when accelerating. It beats a limited (work) slip any day of the week by a long shot in my opinion.

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