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da-bees 09-11-2009 01:04 AM

Bang for the buck exhust mods
Some years back it was common to weld in an additional pipe before the muffler and route it to what was known as "lake pipes"that ran from just behind front tires and turned out with a flange in front of rear tires. The flange had a cap held on with 2 nuts on threaded studs. The appearence was very much like the step bars on modern superduties. Some ran new pipes to "stacks"that included a means of capping off. This allowed "uncorking" while off-roading or when you just had the urge to hear your exhust notes then bolting the caps on to make it street leagal again. What is your opinions on doing this to a powerstroke or for that matter any engine. This would in effect make it easy to "put the cat back in the bag:icon_wink::lol:" when the need arose :wink2:. Aside from possiably upsetting the exhust flow while caped off,which I don't know that it will,I think it answers a need many have. What say you?

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