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  1. Gone Fishen
    12-10-2013 01:22 AM - permalink
    Gone Fishen
    Bleed down the air before starting truck. Below 60 psi. Start truck and go and watch the turbo actuator on the side of the turbo. It should start to open up around 100 psi. AND not fluctuate. Just a smooth operation. When the air comes up use a small screwdriver like a pen size and check for back and forth movement of the actuator part on the turbo. No more that 0.040. Spray or listen for an air leakeage from the actuator on the turbo. Shut off engine and make sure that the v-pod's do NOT leak. The newer trucks like yours I think were already fixed and checked for a 'designated' ppv valve from the air tank. The v-pod air line must be connected to the air tank by itself and NOT share a PPV valve.
  2. imcomininhot
    12-06-2013 07:45 AM - permalink
    Gone fishen
    Good to know you. Just moved from Vegas myself. I'm hoping you could gimme some input.
    60S 14L in a '06 Columbia, intermittent power loss. Sounds like boost is dumping on the R side in conjunction with the pulses of power loss, followed by an expectant soot out the exhaust. Obviously only happens during acceleration, loaded or not. I'm afraid of clogging up egr system with all that unspent fuel out the exhaust.
    I read your post about how it may be of 2 problems. I'll check the vpod and hope it's as easy as that.
    Thanks if u could kind Sir
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