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  Topic Review (Newest First)
05-05-2017 10:47 PM
chuckster57 You can't beat a Diesel engine when you throw a fifth wheel behind it !!!!
05-05-2017 10:22 PM
DCunniff Picking up my 2017 tomorrow, gas F250 crew cab 4X4 short bed. Will see how it does in combined driving mpg. As mentioned sale was held up with the shifter recall.

04-17-2017 05:42 PM
DCunniff OK Tony, thanks.

My V10s and 6.0 diesel were 3.73 rear end.

The gas Ford 2017 would be 3.73 (or not wife's interest but diesel would be 3.73).

As a comparison Chevy HD2500 gas comes in as a 4.10.

04-17-2017 05:10 PM
amxdreamer I don't have my truck yet but again, what I've seen on the forums 16-17 around town and 20-21 on the highway. Obviously it depends on driving style, location (hills), rear end ratio and winter/summer fuel.
04-17-2017 12:59 PM
DCunniff Thanks Tony.

I tried to reply twice today through my phone and did not send it right.

1. I did not ask, but what does the new diesel get for mpg?

2. I had two F250 V10's before this 2005 F350 6.0 diesel, both got 12 mpg. I get 16 mpg with my diesel. I had thought the gas mpg had improved. All were Supercabs, 4x4.

I am going to likely buy an F250 crew cab, 4x4. My wife wants gas this time. I only tow a few times a year, a heavy boat but have had it when had those V10's too. She has a Chevy 2500 HD she is looking at too, gas.

Dealer-wise, same owner has Ford and Chevy across the street from each other so window shopping is simple.

04-16-2017 06:54 PM
amxdreamer I've heard 12 is a common number for the 6.2 not towing.
04-15-2017 01:12 PM
DCunniff Hello. I have a 6.0 diesel F350 now. Any idea what an F250 or Chevy 2500 HD gasser get for mileage? Mine in combined driving is gets 16 mpg without any towing. Thanks. Dana
01-19-2017 03:08 AM
Maryland dieselnick Come on my friend, not much happiness goin' on in a major engine failure thread, right? Like going into a dead bar in mid week at 3:30PM and saying to your buddy, while walking out, well that was weak, right? Do I think that's the scene collectively? Nope!
Whole picture...be it in this case',timing, in 6.7 world,"total numbers on ledger" right?
Friend not Foe
01-19-2017 02:41 AM
Relentless007 Okay Nick, I agree with you about only giving your doom and gloom in situations where opinions are solicited. And in fact you are an anchor of this forum community. Without you keeping these types of issues at the forefront this site would probably come off a lot more fan boyish (like those chevy people)
01-13-2017 02:38 PM
Maryland dieselnick Hmmm, thank you, and agreee with some of your comments.
Somebody post I'm getting one: nice hope you enjoy it, getting a new truck is a cool time. I then might add in a warranty and water insurance might be prudent.. NEVER it's a POS don't do it
Somebody posts up looking for opinions...I do so. I also add in I'm aware some must have a new truck and a Diesel engine.
Somebody posts up a failure..I'm going to put my technical input in WITHOUT saying, didn't you see that coming, you dummy,rude down putting to owner type response
I don't discuss other engines, their strengths and shortcomings as it is not germane to the 6.7 thread UNLESS the thread is directly comparing the formentioned.

It's only ever been about; explaining something that's going on, giving friendly advise or complimenting member on their new truck, in the field sorting out a very serious issue that plagued SOME trucks that ford took 4 swings at.

My posts have never meant to be contentious.
01-13-2017 02:15 PM
Relentless007 Nick, you are one of the most active and helpful members here however i have noticed a trim that whenever someone talks about anything newer than a 6.0 you become Mr. doom and gloom.

Perhaps you have had a vastly different experience with these trucks than the majority of us (which you are in a position to, being you mainly see them when they come in broken). But the typical experience is that the the 6.7 power-plant is head and shoulders over it successors. The 6.0 you had to spend 7k bullet proof, the 6.4 is susceptible to all the issues as the 6.7, the EGR is awful and reliability is arguably worse than the 6.0. Even the fabled 7.3 has had issues, between numerous sensors going bad, the motor mount issue in the 99-2000 models. Also you almost have to do certain modifications like the regulated return,EBPV valve, blue spring and hutch mods.

Now consider this; Whenever anyone ask about what modifications to do to the 7.3, 6.0, 6.7 multiple members give you a laundry list of modifications to make the truck as powerful as it needs to be and reliable. However when someone ask about modifications, 95% of responses are not to that it is ridiculously powerful enough as is and to just drive it and enjoy it. Which admittedly bugs me too because i am a person that likes to tinker and tweak and that is not something the 6.7 lends itself to really. All you have to do is drive it, maintain it and buy fuel from reputable sources.
01-13-2017 08:25 AM
Maryland dieselnick Did not say they were problems waiting to happen nor did I write they are POS.
I merely stated the facts.
01-12-2017 09:32 PM
Smokewagun OMG, Maryland! I think I'll just slit my wrist and die right now. I contrast to your thinking. I've logged close to 3 million miles in about 30 years. I've had three 7.3L's, two 6.0L's, two 6.4L's, and one 6.7L. I had one EGR issue with a 6.0L, and regen issues for a short time with my 6.7L. That's it. I know where most of my trucks are now, and the same 6.0L with the EGR issue puked two injectors at about 85k. All the others are well into the 100's of thousands of miles, and are still trouble free.
You can't generalize that the 6.7L's are problems waiting to happen. My dads is well over 100k, and all it's had is tires. Wait, it did get a new lower fuel filter because the housing was cracked. The point is, there are thousands upon thousands of 6.7L's on the road. Yes, the emissions junk can cause issues, but I still remember years ago when the internet was more for fun than a source of gospel, and the 7.3L had issues with fuel filters, cam sensors, turbos, etc. We'll never be back to a non-dpf 7.3L, but look how far we've come since the first snuffed 6.4L came out. The 6.7L has been one of the best of the 3 manufacturers today, and to paint it as a POS really is not fair.
01-12-2017 03:38 PM
Maryland dieselnick I am by know means a 6.7 expert by no means. I have 32 or is it 33 yrs now in Diesel experience. I have had my hands only on valves as a consultant during a run of engines with valve guide to valve stem clearance that was causing the thermal exhaust valve stiction, during regen.
I have seen trucks in there with their Low Mass crankshafts snapped. Low Mass design is to help reduce emissions during acceleration and aid in a quicker wind up. These do not tolerate lugging and snap if just so. The parts are made in China where quality control in materials and manufacturing is a very real problem. The parts are assembled in Mexico where quality control is an issue as well.
There are intraoffice emails bounced around within ford engineering with regards to the fuel water seperator's issues. You pick up a slug of water and the light does not trip, you are done and have a bill for over $10k.
You can't keep radiators in them( generally last 40k) frames flex so much people's tailgates have popped open and is the primary reason for the radiators blowing out.
They generally get horrible mileage for a diesel
You need to pull the cab off to do major repairs
AC system has a switch buried in dash that goes out. When this happens the dash must come out.
These are very serious items to consider. I do take into consideration that everybody can't hold onto their trucks forever. I understand some can get handed a $10k plus repair bill, stroke a check or bang the credit card for that and not blink. I understand some can comfort themselves with an expensive warranty that may or may not cover given items or conditions the dealer believes under which said item or system failed. I consider some can do these things and just trade out before being effected or out of warranty and just get another new shiny, fresh plastic smelling new one.
Buyers, their situations and tolerance to risk are all different.
I do sincerely hope all get a trouble free unit, have luck and enjoy their trucks. Trucks should be a source of much pride and reliability.
01-12-2017 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by Maryland dieselnick View Post
Yeah Phil, not going to happen buddy
What do you know that we don't Nick? from what I have seen on here, you seem to have firsthand knowledge that the 6.7 isn't all its cracked up to be. Are we talking Emissions issues?
What is your pick for longevity, reliability and durability? Not trying to say you don't know, just asking. I am partial to 6.4Ls.
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