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  • vairman ·

    I am having an issue with my new F450. It was delivered on Wednesday. The CEL came on today and when I took it to the dealer they said the DEF hose was Kinked and the part was on National Backorder. The dealer is not sure whether the truck will continue running or go into limp mode. Is there any resolution to this problem?

    This is my 4th Ford and I am sure that FMC wiil do right by me. Thanks and I appreciate any help, information or advice you can give me.

    My name is Mark Frome and my user name is vairman.
    scredfisher ·
    Cory, I don't have much information and my Ford dealer's sales and order manager's 2 key people are out due to health issues (including sister-in-law out w/ husband w/ cancer) and Harry the Order Manager who had lung surgery so can't get much info as no one else knows how to use system very well. My vehilce ordered around 11/23 from Sunbelt Ford in Sylvester, Ga.

    Order No: 4601
    My name "Dean" (Kevin Dean)
    Dealer No: F21573
    Order Type: 1

    Whatever info you can get greatly appreciated. I have ordered 5 new fords last 4 years and in my family drive. Now I just need one of those POC certificates as I lost mine that came in my magazine.


    Kevin Dean
    Mount Pleasant, SC
    Brander ·
    Hi Cory, My name is Wiliam Brander and I too am curious about the status of my 2011 F350 Crew Cab 6.7 L. I ordered it from Fines Ford in Bolton, Ontario Canada. The only info i got on my VIN# is what is see on the order copy I was sent by the dealer. The VIN# reads "T8W3BT B" Last I heard my truck was built and was awaiting shipment. They gave me a date of this weekend as to when I should expect it. Any help is appreciated.
    Grizz1 ·
    hi cory. thanx for helping out so many people!
    my truck was suppose to be delivered today 6 dec, but aint seen hide nor hair.....
    vin # is 1FT8W4DT5BEB68705, DEALER NUM IS F21709, ORDER NUM IS
    JAYH ·
    my truck is at local dealer right now..I am jayhirsch..a few posts after you. my VIN is 1ftww31r18ea69415. Any help would be wonderful
    wdwb1966 ·
    Thanks for your concern. I posted the following on the board.
    After going back to the dealer where I bought the truck. ( I bought out of town) my salesman viewed the video I took and promptly had the service manager contact me. Currently the truck is in the shop and was told yesterday that they believe the issue is the EGR cooler. I should have an answer today.

    albender ·
    I seen you replied to a person on diesel stop about a regen/smoking problem &told him to contact you. I too am experiencing a similar problem & have had no luck at my dealer to fix this and want to see if you can point me in the correct direction. I have a 08 F250 6.4 built 6/07, it has 29k bought it at 26k.after 1k miles of buying it i had a problem with my truck shutting down cause the DPF was too hot took it back serveral times each time they say they replaced something. finally that stopped shutting down now at intermittent occasions i see it smoking like white smoke trail but never does it say regen one time this week it flashed up cleaning exhaust for 2 seconds &then that was it but it wasnt smoking then actually did smoke like 10 mins later but other times it smokes & it never says anything about regen, no codes, no drivability issues no lights. truck is completely stock not one mod on it
    Alan J Bender
    [email protected]
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