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  • corvettekp ·

    From reading the different posts in the forum you appear to be the most knowledgeable concerning Detroit 90 engines and I would like to discuss the Detroit engine we have on our 85 Blue Bird if you have the time.

    Kelly Parker
    [email protected] ·
    Been a long time sense we last message . my 2001 fright liner fl60 with the Benz M906 eng . Yesterday it shut down and will not restart . i shot it with a bit of either and it fired up but shut down .so i now no it has to do with not getting fuel . can you help with where to start looking it has a little over 400.00 miles . thanks so much .
    tango97ch ·
    Gone Fishin,
    I'm new to this whole website thing, but I have a question for you since you seem very knowledgeable in Detroit's. I bought a 05 Coronado with the 14L Detroit. I bought it from an auction cause I'm a gambling man, but this Vegas trip isn't paying off. The truck has 685,000 on the clock and I seem to be getting some water/antifreeze in the oil. Not a lot but enough that when I open my drain plug a little it seems to drip about ohh maybe 6-8oz before the oil drains. I don't think that's normal. It appears to have a brand new head on her so I kinda eliminated that part. Do you have any suggestions on what my next move should be on locating the problem? any help is much appreciated.
    imcomininhot ·
    Gone fishen
    Good to know you. Just moved from Vegas myself. I'm hoping you could gimme some input.
    60S 14L in a '06 Columbia, intermittent power loss. Sounds like boost is dumping on the R side in conjunction with the pulses of power loss, followed by an expectant soot out the exhaust. Obviously only happens during acceleration, loaded or not. I'm afraid of clogging up egr system with all that unspent fuel out the exhaust.
    I read your post about how it may be of 2 problems. I'll check the vpod and hope it's as easy as that.
    Thanks if u could kind Sir
    Algarb ·
    Hi Gone Fishen,

    Thank you very much for your post on my forum. I had a quick question regarding your post about the even flow through the discharge outlets. Can you tell me where they would be located as I cannot seem to find any information on them in my detroit owners manual nor online. Thank you again so very much for your help.

    detroitaust ·
    G'day. We have a 8v92 ddec3 to exactly the spec of the serial number.
    8VF179158.At this bulid spec we have liner kits.85. We also have cams j42 grind. All parts in this engine are genuine.Everything on the build spec has been checked over and over. This is exactly what came out of the factory. The engine makes peak HP at around 1650 to 1750 EVERY TIME.The best we have got out of the engine at 2100 is 390hp without code 42 in the injectors.430hp with it. We are looking for [email protected] 2100.The ECM is registering, 100% load, 22 degree pulse at 2100. It is reading 1300 odd ft lb on the computer, 900 at dyno. Mapping code 1056. All parts in this engine are genuine,cams, genuine cylinder kits etc. Boost at [email protected] is 21psi, a/box 22psi, ex temp 330degreesc fuel pressure 62. Dirty exhaust. Darkish grey only No white. Had injector change out etc with no change.1.520 heights. .1 pulse width difference on cyl.cut out between cylinders. Built lots of these things but not to this spec.
    cueball ·
    Hello, My name is Micheal, but I go by cueball on the forum. I Have a few questions about detroit diesel 2 strokes that I would like to get feedback from you on if you wouldnt mind ?! I know that there is alot of people on the forum that can help,.., but from my reading, from time to time I feel like your info would be the best for me and my situation... If at all possible ,,If you can find the time , Some kind of contact will and would be respected .. Thanks for your time ! (cueball)
    kerley ·
    6v continued.....I also seem to have more heat on the right side manifolds at start up versus the left side using an infrared temp gauge. So I am supplying more fuel to the right maybe? It is a non ddec silver 6v92 335 hp. 9f90 injectors. Thanks for your help and I hope all is well.
    kerley ·
    I exchanged some great tech information on this site a few years back. If you search 6v92 injector tube removal tube it will come up. Anyway I have a 6v in a Bluebird. I put heads on it and new injectors and all was well. I did have 1 injector tip blow off a couple years ago in Waco Tx. I got one from DD that was a little different number; they said it would be fine and it was. So getting to my problem. The way the fuel was plumbed to my pump through 2 primary filters. One is a raycor 1000 and then to a 30 micron spin on. There is a secondary after the pump. I never was able to keep the raycor and the 30 filled and when they would plug slightly I had fuel pressure troubles. SO....I eliminated the second spin on filter. The raycor is full and bus runs great.....BUT smokes like CRAZY at start up. It also seems to have a slight miss (half miss?) . As soon as I take off with it will clear up and not smoke again. Miss also goes away. cont'd
    loggingmechanic ·
    yeah i had 5 stuck injectors sorry it took so long getting back to you, too many doctor appts. broke my neck in a car wreck someone texting instead of driving ran over the top of my car.
    loggingmechanic ·
    hey im a mechanic too just not good with detroit ,but i do own detroit both318 and 8v-92tta twin turbo assist, im having a problem i figure its the governor my dad says its the fuel pump, truck has been sittin 8+ years new fuel oil batteries it starts and slowly revs up the throttle rods move but after running 3-4 minutes the 318 starts to run wide open but has no power to move the truck what am i looking for to solve the problem
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