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  • dans820n ·
    Where's a good place to buy OEM Ford parts for my 1999 and 2011 SD? It appears that Ford dealers are no longer allowed to offer parts at discount prices...
    ArcticDriver ·
    Good morning,
    I have been trying to post into OFF-TOPIC forum but keep getting a message:

    PAGE ISN'T WORKING. Error 500

    Any suggestions?
    Graupp ·
    I protest your moving my message about "E" rated tires..
    ""IF"" you take note of the reference posting about the "" RECALL""
    at the bottom
    you will see it is 'particular' to Excursions...
    I think all Excursion owners should be aware of it....
    Maryland dieselnick ·
    Hi Kevin, I'm politely asking how to unsubscribe to TDS? I see things for unsubscribing to a thread but I do not see how to unsubscribe to the site.
    I have had some fun and laughs here. I have gotten satisfaction and a good feeling inside from helping especially those with limited tools, knowledge and finances. I also met some friends along the way.
    However I must unsubscribe.
    Thank you for your help
    JLampos ·
    Hi Klhansen,
    I can't find my original thread where I stated that I just bought a 99 F350 7.3 and my mechanic said he needed a breakout box. You and Dieselnick and Woodnthings said "you may not need the box, send us the codes and we'll help.
    I CANT FIND MY ORIGINAL THREAD , so I'm sending this to you. I had no idea there were so darn many.
    P1690, P0381, P1282, P1211, P0272, P0284, P0500, B1203 (B is correct on the last code)

    reh4960 ·
    Hello, I was wondering if by chance you still had the wiring diagram to put the power mirrors in a XL superduty. I have a 03 xl and I'm trying to install some power heated mirrors off a 04 lariat. I think I figured out the wire for the heated part and the lights but for the power mirror can't seem to get it to work. Any advise would be much appreciated.
    kamakazie1 ·
    Good morning bud, quick question, when checking the voltages on the GPR the incoming always hot is 12.7VDC and when key on the output voltage is 10.2 is that a bad relay and would that be enough to cause a rough start or no start just crank condition on 50 degree days? I've read several posts but I don't see anywhere that it actually answers that specific question..


    TSLexi ·
    Cassidybies is spamming the forum. Every thread I start she adds nothing constructive but nonsense about me being a "spammer"...she has an alias, Robertacollier.
    everaldo0417 ·
    Hey man if my truck is at 70 mph is it's supposed to be at 3,000 rpm or the over drive isn't working it a 97 f350 dually 7.3 powerstroke
    trapperbill ·
    Thanks for clarifying this. I'm testing the pressure in the radiator today to see if it is actually leaking coolant into the Oil Cooler.
    trapperbill ·
    A year ago you posted a reply to a "Coolant in Oil" issue with a guy who has an Oil cooler problem similar to mine. You wrote, "There's also the HP oil rail plugs on each end of the heads. Maybe the driver's side rail plug o-ring is giving up. Peek down behind the alternator/PS bracket.

    Eyeball it closely before you commit to pulling the oil cooler off. I'd be sure you're fixing the right problem." Would this actually cause coolant to enter the oil? Desperate in these freezing temps. Thanks, Bill
    tickedoff36 ·
    Question? When I post or reply it doesn't show up on the main page. It does show on my profile page, WHY?:shrug03::dunno:
    tickedoff36 ·
    hey thanx for the test how-to with the PCM/IDM. it WAS a bad PCM. now I have low volts. will check out ALT tomorrow. AGAIN THNX
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