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  • Maryland dieselnick ·
    Yes, I received and responded to your message this morning.
    Now I arrive at beach with a repeat message from you.
    I told you after posting my last informational technical thread. I sent PM to Kevin asking how can unsubscribe to TDS. I know longer wish to post anything.
    Have a safe enjoyable weekend.
    Maryland dieselnick ·
    Are you going to tell me wh the real issue you have with me is?
    I left one last informational thread for diesel stop on 45 mph hop.
    I messaged Kevin asking how to unsubscribe from TDS to bow out politely. I wake up and I'm being threatened by you after you've had me on eggshells explaining truths, so not to upset you.
    I strongly suspect you are going to just ban me. You have the power to do that but sure do wish I knew what the real problem you have with me. I'm not some dummy. Ivey league lamps are in my living room. Helpfulness and kindness in my heart.
    Shops, dealers and the U.S. Govt think extremely high of me as well as a huge amount of TDS members. I unclear as to why you feel the way you do towards me but it's clear you do.
    Nicholas John Willemain, a well meaning and respected person.
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