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  • TooCoolTwo ·
    How are you doing? Hope you got around to rebuilding your turbo and that you are pleased with it.

    Thinking of having my calipers replaced with my next set of new rotors and pads. They are the 2002 factory originals with 238K on them. What has been your experience with new or rebuilt calipers in terms of good quality?

    Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you have a wonderful and Blessed 2019.

    Mike (TooCoolTwo)
    lmbbuilders ·
    Hi,a fellow member gave me your name. Hope you can help me. I have a 2005 lariat 6.0 with a/c issues. When I turn on my a/c the truck surges rough idle and wrench light comes on, I loose pedal response (codes p0108,0403,0405,2104,2123,2138,2139,2140)...I installed a new compressor, accumulator, low pressure switch, I reprogrammed PCM back to stock with newest version, I swapped the PCM, I swapped the a/c controls, I pulled off baro,icp,ebp sensors and it still does the same thing. The truck runs good except when I turn on my a/c. When I pull off the low pressure switch the a/c controls come on and air comes out of vents, I'm guessing my compressor is not kicking on though. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If texting or calling is easier, my number is 225-802-3992
    sailpadre ·
    RT, I thought you might have a thought. Last Tuesday I pulled a trailer about 45 miles and deadheaded the same in order to pick it up. Back to the same "O" after 400 miles of using no oil. Now it's a little hard on cold starts and rumbles until it warms up and blue smoke on start up. I drained the fuel filter and it had a darker tint to the diesel more than before. This time it showed #3 and #8 on the contribution study, it showed good when it was running good. I'm going to pull those and run them over to a diesel shop in Brownsville, TX for them to be bench tested. Right now I just want to be running in order to take care of my customers this winter and do whatever I have to when I get back to Colorado next spring. Any iders????
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